Marie March

March for Liberty
March for Freedom
March for Delegate

What Virginia needs is simple:

✓  God

✓  Constitutional Adherance (Pro-2nd Amendment)

✓  Small Business Support

✓  NO Wasteful Government Spending

✓  Election Integrity

Your Choice is Also Simple.










I Ride Horses…
Not Fences


To our community…

I ride horses, not fences!  You won’t get a wishy-washy, fence-ridin’, yellow bellied politician here.

My name is Marie March and I’m running for District 7 House of Delegates.

I’m an unashamed Christian, small business owner, proven job creator, rock-solid conservative, and Trump Republican.

We need more people willing to stand up for what is right for our community, for our state and for nation.

  • I will always stand up for your rights as defined by our United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights
  • I stand strong in my Christianity and faith in our almighty God
  • I will always stand for your 2nd amendment right
  • I will stand up proudly for our National Anthem
  • I will stand up to honor Veterans

I was taught to respect my elders and to honor my father and mother, and I believe those values are now missing in America. I was also taught the value of hard work and to be thrifty.  I believe we have to get back to these lessons.

Many would agree, there are a lot of problems and bad decisions being made in Virginia!  I want to work to make your voices heard.

I want to fight legislation that includes wasteful spending, liberal cronyism and I want to protect our election process.

My husband is a physician in Floyd and we own restaurants and a boardinghouse (we also believe in 2nd chances) in Christiansburg. We moved here over 15 years ago when he attended medical school and we opened a bbq restaurant.  We now own and operate 8 small businesses, including Due South BBQ and Fatback Soul Shack.  I am proud of my track record of being a job creator and advocate for our gun owners, veterans, farmers, small businesses, and parents for the past decade.

We have raised our kids here in Floyd County and are proud to call the NRV our home.

The New River Valley is the most beautiful place on earth, we have the greatest friends, family, staff and customers. We have been truly blessed immeasurably.

I want to give back to the community that has embraced us, loved us, and supported us. I am forever in your service. I ask for your continued support in the April 24th Republican Primary.


Small Business Owner

I know the importance of small business to local economies.  Owning restaurants in multiple locations, I have experienced the hardship of the pandemic and have found ways to stay open and provide jobs for our staff.  As your Delegate, I will fight for our small business owners and farmers, and work tirelessly to lower taxes, lessen regulations, and immediately open our economy.



Definition:  a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors: a true patriot.

I will fight to uphold our constitutional rights.  I will defend with all that I have our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. As your Delegate, I will work to end gun-free zones, prevent restrictions on gun owners, and protect our churches from forced closure by the liberal left.

Love For The Area

The NRV is our home and I believe it is the most beautiful place on Earth.  I will defend our heritage, history, and values from being erased.

Value Driven

I was taught to respect my elders and honor my mother and father. My father and several men in our family have served in the Armed Forces. I am proud of each of them. As Delegate, I will honor and protect our veterans. I will protect our most vulnerable – seniors and the unborn. 

Budget Minded

When running a business, you have to be able to balance a budget and not be wasteful in spending. These are basic principles that also need to be applied in government. I will work to eliminate wasteful government spending and ensure your tax dollars are handled with care – not spent to enforce gun control or fund abortion.


Vision, Issues, & Values

  • I stand strong in Christianity and faith in Our Almighty God!
  • I will stand up for your rights as defined by our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • I will stand up for your 2nd amendment right
  • I stand for our national anthem and honor our United States of America flag
  • I was raised to respect our elders and honor my father and mother

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