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March for Liberty
March for Freedom
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Small Business Owner

I know the importance of small business to local economies.  Owning restaurants in multiple locations, I have experienced the hardship of the pandemic and have found ways to stay open and provide jobs for our staff.  As your Delegate, I will fight for our small business owners and farmers, and work tirelessly to lower taxes, lessen regulations, and immediately open our economy.

Election Integrity

I am the only candidate willing to address the major flaws that need to be corrected in our election process. As your Delegate, I will fight to improve our election integrity, including restricting last-minute changes from unelected bureaucrats, requiring photo ID to vote, signature matching absentee ballots, and updating voter rolls to ensure only eligible U.S. citizens can vote.

Value Driven

I was taught to respect my elders and honor my mother and father. My father and several men in our family have served in the Armed Forces. I am proud of each of them. As Delegate, I will honor and protect our veterans. I will protect our most vulnerable – seniors and the unborn. 

Budget Minded

When running a business, you have to be able to balance a budget and not be wasteful in spending. These are basic principles that also need to be applied in government. I will work to eliminate wasteful government spending and ensure your tax dollars are handled with care – not spent to enforce gun control or fund abortion.

Love For The Area

The NRV is our home and I believe it is the most beautiful place on Earth.  I will defend our heritage, history, and values from being erased.

Safety and Security

I have the utmost respect and appreciation for our law enforcement and first responder personnel. In Richmond, I will stand up to the liberal forces trying to defund our police. In fact, I will be law enforcement’s strongest advocate and fight to fully-fund our police and public safety efforts.


Definition:  a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors: a true patriot.

I will defend with all that I have our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. When our community needed leaders to step up and defend our 2A rights, I was the only candidate in this race that did. I spoke in favor of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties in Montgomery and Floyd Counties. I hold concealed carry classes at my restaurants and my managers even carry concealed to protect our patrons. I am proud to be your 2nd Amendment champion. (new paragraph) As your Delegate, I will work to end gun-free zones, prevent restrictions on gun owners, and protect our churches from forced closure by the liberal left.

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